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My    Hobbies    are:

Running, Biking, Swimming, Reading, Movies, Cooking, Skiing
and of course...sleeping and eating.

Hope these bookmarks will help you if you go to DC or South Africa.
(One of these days I will organize my links into categories.)

Countries I have visited: 
U.S. (Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando,
Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Hawaii, N/S Carolina, Colorado,
Boston, Vermont, Maryland, Washington, D.C., 
Minneapolis, New Orleans, Rhode Island); 
Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Calgary); 
Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, 
Uganda, Rwanda, Swaziland, Zimbabwe); 
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Danang, Qui Nhon City, Dalat, Nha Trang); 
England (London); Mexico (Cancun); 
Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence); France (Paris); and Okinawa.

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My Current Favorite Links

Kate Winslet Fan Club:
Kitchen Link Recipes:
Washington DC Fun & Recreation Page:
Military Lodging: Click on Lodging & Dining
Navy Links: click on Training (then AT oppty database)
Navy Training Opptys.: AT/ADT
Navy Advancement:
Space-A Military Travel:
US Army Band:
Cheap Airline Tickets: Europe & Mexico
Reston Runners:
Movies at GMU:
NRL Ski Club:
Southwest Airlines:
Biztravel: Check airfare prices!
JFK 50 Miler:
US Centers for Disease Control:
Capital Baptist Church:
Reston Town Center Events:
Herndon Friday Night:
Reston Century:
Books to Read:
Travelers net: Maps, Language Translations (great!)
Washington DC City Pages:
National Bldg. Museum events:
Gov't Recreation Assn.: Kings Dominion tickets
DC Yahoo Weather:
DC CNN Weather:
USA Weather:
World Weather:
Northern VA Hiking Club:
Military SITES:
National Geographic Museum events:
Oanda Currency Converter: $
PEOPLE Magazine Online:
OPM Jobs:
National Gallery of Art Film Program:
Ask a Travel Agent:
US Airways (MetroJet):
AirTran airlines:
Kennedy Ctr. Free Millennium Stage :
National Theatre:
Dollar Stretcher:
congau's Recommended DC Sights: Awesome!
Global Homebiz:
Lowestfare Travel Company:
411 Information: White Pages
DOD Military Installations:
Priceline: Name your Price for airfare, hotel, cruises; car info.
TheDJ Web radio:
Audit Net:
Navy IT:
Foreign Service Assn.:
Military Living: Military Lodging
Linked Up: Link your Bookmarks
Virtual Flowers:
Best Fares Magazine: Good Hotels & airfare deals
Z Chat:
Reservist Jobs:
Midway Airlines:
Smithsonian Museums:
MapBlast! Driving Directions:
Army Civilian Personnel:
Int'l Job Vacancies:
Medline: Medical Advice
South Africa Links:
Expat Exchange:
Jewel Motivation Page: Self-Esteem Dr.
How do they do that in HTML?:
Travelocity: Check airfare prices
Army Country Studies:
Perdiem Rates: State Dept.
Navy Personnel Command Ctr.:
Volunteer Abroad:
Maps of the World:
Africa Hash: Hash House Harriers
TicketPlace: 1/2 price tickets
Navy Lodge:
Army Lodging:
Air Force Lodging:
Marine Corps Lodging:
Military Housing Directory:
ADSW Reserve Work:
BWI Space A:
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards: Send a card!
U.S. Gov't Forms: OPM, GSA
JOBS: Good Jobs search Page
Dept. of Labor Job Info.: Apprenticeship
Netcert: MCSE
Wash. Post Airfare Bargains: Weekend Bargains
MapQuest Driving Directions:
South Africa online:
Foreign Service guide:
US Post Office : Moving Guide
Kelly Blue Book: car book values
Leaders Recruiting Firm: Managerial sales jobs
American Federal Recruiters: Corporate jobs
Faxes through Email:
IRR Navy:
Lien's homepage: Good Vietnamese Links
Lonely Planet Guide: Good Travel Guide
SkyAuction: Good Auction for airfares
South African Airways: Check out Auctions in Africa
Pretoria Travel Center: Word of Mouth Tours
Ashanti Travel Centre: Africa Budget tours
congau's Guide to Cape Town: Cape Town
Ishaah's Inspirations: Applets w/ music
DISA Intern & Job information: Good job info.
Contiki Holidays: Backpack Holidays in Africa/Europe.
MP3 Music Greeting: Send a music greeting!
VA Beach Guide:
Copovi: Web information
Ancestry: Search for ancestors & addresses.
Net2Phone: Net phonecalls for cheap.
Top Secret Recipes: Recipes from restaurants PC phone calls
555-1212 : Directory Asst.
VN recipes: Delicious! :-)
Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays: Hawaii
Africa Guide:
Pretoria City Guide:
Discount Airfare:
World Clock:
Roark Critchlow's site:
Fun Sites: Navy ATs in Hawaii
Navy Reserve Info. Service:
US Federal Agencies Links: Independent Agencies & Commissions (check jobs!)
VietOnNet: VN Cooking link
congau's Quotes to Live By: Cool!
Navy Correspondence Courses: Independent Traveller's
Soap Opera Central: Soap Synopsis
Ultimates Search Page: phone # & addresses
Kibbutz: Israel Working Holiday (free!)
Amphitheatre Backpackers: Good hostel to stay in South Africa
Sidney Omarr Horoscopes: Birthday horoscope
Chinese recipes: Dim-sum
Navy Res Job Info.:
DC Social Club: Monthly activities
Coast to Coast: Backpacker's Guide to S Africa
Chinese cuisine: Good recipes & articles.
Healthy Eating websites:
Hawaiian recipes:
Hungry Minds University: Online courses
ASAP Travel Agency: Meal Planning
Int'l Volunteer Projects:
Lonely Planet Thorntree: Advice on travel Work abroad
Big Irv's page: Good links
Armed Forces Recreation Centers: vacation hotels
Hale Koa hotel: in Hawaii
African Overland Tours: Cape Town to Vic Falls
Mike & Carrie movies: from Days
DanceInfo SA:
Language Tutorials:
Reference Desk: Good Facts Search! & google
Bike Virginia: cycling
Military Report:
Livingstone Trails: Budget Tours in SA
UniSchool: SA computer classes
SA sports:
SA Hotels:
Wagon Trails: Budget tours to Vic Falls, Kruger, Maputo
Gibela Safaris: SA Budget Adventure Tours
Felix Tours: SA River Adventures
Armed Forces Vacation Club: discount hotels
FBI jobs:
VN recipe sites: links to VN recipes
African Adrenalin: Tours all over Africa
Flying Solo SA:
Ingwe Game Lodge: private Korongwe Game Reserve
Menlyn Park events: SA shopping mall
Navy Reserve Personnel Center:
Destination Vietnam: stories
Navy Pacific Fleet opptys.: San Diego & Hawaii
Health Thriveonline: Health, Serenity, Medical
Bundu Bus Safari Tours: Kruger, Swaziland, Mozambique
Sani Lodge: Lesotho SA
Hatfield Christian Church: Pretoria, SA (click on Family News)
Web Medicine: Medical Site search
Tofu recipes:
African Buddha Dhamma: Buddhism & Meditation
Pretoria News: restaurants
UNDP Vietnam: click on jobs
OneWorld Volunteers: jobs
Vietnamese Recipes: written in VN
Fed Gov't Employment: bookmarks!
ESR- Educators for Social Responsibility: World Events teaching ideas!
Intrepid Travel: tours in Asia
1000 Travel Tips: world travel info.
Viet Cooking Recipes: good recipes
Vietnamese recipes : has Vegetarian recipes also
US Military Information: click on Leave & Travel (for cheap hotels)
Navy Learning: Navy courses (computers etc.)
Federal Jobs in Virginia: click on cities
Jobs at Mapping Agency in Reston:
A Buddhist View of Life:
Office Naval Research Job Vacancies: click on NRL vacancies also
Dept. of Navy Human Resources: jobs
BonziBUDDY (download-site): Calendar appt. book
USAID GS vacancies:
Dept. of Transportation vacancies: